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Wee Ones Hiking Staff


Kids :: Wee Ones Staff™

Ideal for children that love the outdoors. An excellent general purpose hiking & walking staff suitable for most environments.

Hand crafted in the Finger Lakes Wine Region of New York State
Made from premium select ash in 40" lengths
Choice of 7 standard colors: Natural Grain, Black, White, Hot Pink, Regal Blue, Fire Engine Red, Froggy Green
5" washable high density black foam grip
Black leather wrist strap with colored bead adjuster tied through black brass eyelets
Hand on hiking staff
Non removable, small abrasion resistant black rubber tip for general surfaces
Made in the USA with USA parts and USA hardwood
It floats
Mother and son stop at a pristine lake in the mountains
A Wee Ones Staff becomes a traveling necessity for the kids when a family hikes together.
Burn up to 25% more calories when using a hiking staff
Maintains a proper upright position, creating better posture and greatly reducing fatigue
Reduces stress by promoting healthy exercise that anyone can do
Reduces pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back
Tones and builds upper body strength through efficient arm movement
Promotes balance and an even gait
Soft foam grip eliminates discomfort and blisters
Adjustable leather strap maintains proper hand position and keeps staff from slipping loose
Assists with fording streams, creeks, and water hazards
Can be used to check uncertain or unstable ground ahead
Provides stability when ascending or descending steep hills
Can be used to push aside nettles, prickers, bushes, and branches
Made of non-conductive natural wood, will not attract lightning like canes or extruded aluminum trekking poles
Builds confidence by allowing the user access to new trails and higher places
Jacy and Alex with staffs in hand
Jacy and Alex test out their new Wee Ones Staffs.
Color choices: 10 colored staffs Colors: Choose from natural, black, white, pink, blue, green, red.
Non removable rubber tip Tip: Non removable, small abrasion resistant black rubber tip for general surfaces
Premium Ash$29.95*


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