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Fairway Golf Staff


Golfing :: Fairway / Spectator Staff™

Specifically designed for golf enthusiasts. Excellent general purpose hiking and walking staff suitable for low grassy terrain.

Hand crafted in the Finger Lakes Wine Region of New York State
Made from premium select hardwoods (Shagbark Hickory, Wild Cherry, or
Black Walnut)
Protected with four coats of Plum Creek #3 Wonder Oil (because urethane and varnish coatings chip easily)
Durable finish and exceptional natural beauty that will last for generations
8" black high density foam grip
Includes two tips: black vinyl cap with removable soft spike tip for grass, and a hard rubber abrasion resistant black cap for general use (no metal spike below)
Beaded adjustable leather wrist strap with black brass eyelets Hand on hiking staff
Made in the USA with USA parts and USA hardwood
It floats

Dear Mr. Tom,

I purchased one of your Fairway/Spectator staffs and found that I can save tons of money on my golf game with it. When I have a bad shot, I use to smash my driver or irons against objects that would ruin my clubs.  Now thanks to you, I grab my Fairway/Spectator staff and smash it instead. It relieves all my tension, and its a lot cheaper to bust one of your walking sticks.   They are a well built product, and sometimes I can hit it real hard without breaking it.  Please keep enough of them in stock.  Remember, golf is a nice walk ruined, but made nice again by the Plum Creek Staff Company.

Ken Z.

Maintains a proper upright position, creating better posture and greatly reducing fatigue
Reduces stress by promoting healthy exercise that anyone can do
Reduces pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back
Tones and builds upper body strength through efficient arm movement
Promotes balance and an even gait
Soft foam grip eliminates discomfort and blisters
Adjustable leather strap maintains proper hand position and keeps staff from slipping loose
Assists with fording streams, creeks, and water hazards
Can be used to check uncertain or unstable ground ahead
Provides stability when ascending or descending steep hills
Can be used to push aside nettles, prickers, bushes, and branches
Made of non-conductive natural wood, will not attract lightning like canes or extruded aluminum trekking poles
Wood choices: Shagbark Hickory, Wild Cherry, and Black Walnut Wood: Choose from three naturally beautiful hardwoods: Shagbark Hickory,
Wild Cherry, or Black Walnut
Golf specific fanned spiked tip Tip: Comes with two tips, a black vinyl cap with a fanned soft spike tip for grass, and a hard rubber abrasion resistant cap for general use

Before ordering - read

Shagbark Hickory– $74.95

Black Walnut $79.95*

Wild Cherry $79.95*


OR CALL 1·800·486·4453 TO ORDER!

* Lighter in weight, but premium wood

All prices are in US Dollars, plus shipping
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