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Niagara Wading Staff


Wading :: Swiftwater Wading Staff™

Made specifically for trout and salmon fishermen, this staff provides excellent support while fishing or wading across streams, brooks, and creeks.

Hand crafted in the Finger Lakes Wine Region of New York State
Made from premium select hardwoods (Shagbark Hickory, Wild Cherry, or
Black Walnut)
Sculpted with a vertical wood grain for maximum strength
Protected with four coats of Plum Creek #3 Wonder Oil (because urethane and varnish coatings chip easily)
Durable finish and exceptional natural beauty that will last for generations
The romance of natural wood contrasted by black parts is far more attractive than extruded aluminum or pine dowel
8" washable high density foam grip located at top of staff
Comes standard with a stainless steel black split ring attached to 54" x 1/2" black nylon strap, with two black snap swivels for attaching to D-rings or belt loops
Standard abrasion resistant black rubber tip for general surfaces
Hidden 3/8" tungsten tip for fishing, wading in stream beds, or slippery terrain (will not puncture waders)
Accessories can be securely attached to the split ring (i.e. compass, three-way whistle, photon light, car keys, pen knife, etc.)
Made in the USA with USA parts and USA hardwood
It floats

The Swiftwater Wading Staff gives you the confidence and stability to trek through the water or land that next big fish.
Reduces pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back
Assists with fording streams, creeks, and water hazards
Can be used to check uncertain or unstable ground ahead
Provides stability when ascending or descending steep hills
Can be used to push aside nettles, prickers, bushes, and branches
Made of non-conductive natural wood, will not attract lightning like extruded aluminum wading staffs
Can be used to walk from your vehicle to the fishing area

Make your next fishing trip better with the use of a Plum Creek Swiftwater Wading Staff. 

Wood Choices: Shagbark Hickory, Wild Cherry, and Black Walnut Wood: Choose from three naturally beautiful hardwoods: Shagbark Hickory,
Wild Cherry, or Black Walnut
Tungsten tip hidden below rubber cap Tip: Removable hard rubber abrasion resistant cap exposes a 3/8" tungsten tip for use on aggressive terrain and stream bottoms
Nylon strap and swivel snap clip Innovations: Comes standard with 54" x 1/2” black nylon strap topped by 2 black snap swivel clips
Prices as low as…
Shagbark Hickory – $69.95

Black Walnut – $74.95*

Beaver Kill
Wild Cherry – $74.95*

OR CALL 1·800·486·4453 TO ORDER!

* Lighter in weight, but premium wood

All prices are in US Dollars, plus shipping
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